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How ethanol effects your small engine

See Ethanol Damage UP CLOSE!

All this talk about ethanol and bad gas leaves many homeowners and landscapers constantly worried about refueling their power equipment.

Repair shops know it all too well, how ethanol and stale gas affects your equipment. They’re seeing the damage every day.

But for those who want to see it to believe it, here’s your chance. Check out the effects of ethanol up close!

Step into the shoes of a power equipment repair technician as we dissect a lawn mower and generator carburetor.

You’ll see with your very own eyes how ethanol and stale gas can clog and corrode the carburetor and fuel system components.

Crusty Deposits – Deterioration

Ethanol has a tendency to absorb water. The water moisture, along with ethanol, slowly deteriorates the metal parts of the fuel tank and carburetor.

The white crusty deposits you see collecting on this generator carburetor are the deteriorated metal particles.

Corrosion Buildup and Water in the Carburetor Bowl

As ethanol eats away at the metal parts, as well as the rubber and plastic parts of the fuel system and carburetor, it leaves those corroded particles in the carburetor bowl.

These particles can clog the carburetor jets, causing extremely poor engine performance. The particles can even enter your engine’s cylinder!

Gummy Varnish Deposits

Old, stale gas degrades and breaks down over time, forming gummy varnish deposits that eventually harden and clog the carburetor jets too. Notice the black varnish deposits forming on this lawn mower carburetor.

If your fuel smells sour or smells like nail polish, it’s stale! Don’t use it.

So there you have it, ethanol damage up close and personal. Keeping your gas fresh, properly treating it with a fuel stabilizer, or buying strictly ethanol-free fuel, is as important as that regular oil change every year.

Hopefully these images weren’t too disturbing for you. But at the very least, you’ll think twice about refueling with stale gas.

If you are experiencing any issues with your lawn mower or small engine please give us a call!

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